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9:50am 12-21-2014
Page Communications 1966 - 1969. Zone 3 Asst Project Manager. Page built Phulam for 1st Signal. Al woods Project Manager
6:56pm 11-22-2014
Ron Bortle
was at Phu Lam in 1971. 31s. Anyone seen Mark Galovich from Shaker Heights in Cleveland
2:12pm 11-17-2014
Don Alexander
I served @ phulam from oct 1965 thru oct 1966 in tech control room MOS 32D... can't remember many names.. some were sgt Cline, David Taylor from Indiana, sp5 Dunn?
7:32pm 11-12-2014
Gregg Woodward
I served in the LongLines South microwave station from Feb 1968 until late september 1969, spending 10 months Phu Lam, then working at headquarters detachment visiting sites for maintenance and upgrades at Dong Tam, MAC-V, Tan Son Nhut airbase. Worked closely with MSGT Don Kaeo, would be interested to know what happened to him.
9:22pm 11-07-2014
Robert Crocker
Change of email address having trouble getting back on list and contacting people 7/67 68
1:51pm 10-27-2014
Murray O'Brien.
Was stationed in Phu Lam 1/66 thru 12/66
8:57am 10-26-2014
larry powers
was in phulam from sept 66-sept 67 switchboard repair
11:30pm 10-24-2014
Curt Schisler
1957th Comm Group, Hickam AFB, Hawaii. Never served in VN. Was a Tech Controller at Hickam (AGA), 5/65-5/67. Talked to Phulam many times on the teletype orderwire, think the call sign was ADK, been many years. Enjoy visiting your site, keep up the good work.
9:31pm 10-14-2014
Joseph Pomponio
366th MMS, USAF, 7th Air Force Da Nang Vietnam and 408th MMS, Ubon Thailand. 1970-1971
4:13pm 07-29-2014
Robert Morecook
Trying to find IAN TERVET. I briefed him at AFVN and was one of the two soldiers who stayed an extra day or two in 1972 to help him get the station up and running.
3:57pm 07-19-2014
My dad was in Phu Lam
8:29pm 06-21-2014
Howard Hickman
Phu Lam Reunion - Sept 2014 Williamsburg VA.
2:06pm 06-19-2014
Sharon Thurnau
I' m the orphanage photos. .The 2nd or 3rd page. ..I'm sitting on a soldiers lap..a lady in blue. The soldier holding me adopted me..sadly my father passed in 1997..I was hoping someone could help me find my real family??????
8:35am 05-30-2014
Dick Sholly
Appreciate effort and energy put into this site. I served as 2LT with Autodin from 2/68 - 10/68. Sending besst wishes to all who served.
5:45pm 05-24-2014
Joe Walker
Regional Comm. Gp 68 - 70
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