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Sharon Thurnau@ 2:06pm 06-19-2014
I' m the orphanage photos. .The 2nd or 3rd page. ..I'm sitting on a soldiers lap..a lady in blue. The soldier holding me adopted me..sadly my father passed in 1997..I was hoping someone could help me find my real family??????
Dick Sholly@ 8:35am 05-30-2014
Appreciate effort and energy put into this site. I served as 2LT with Autodin from 2/68 - 10/68. Sending besst wishes to all who served.
Joe Walker@ 5:45pm 05-24-2014
Regional Comm. Gp 68 - 70
tim rice@ 2:24pm 05-15-2014
i,m from torrance ca.-switchboard operator-phu lam oct.1966 to oct1967
raymundo hernandez@ 12:40pm 05-15-2014
I am trying to find Nick Diedrich Spec/4 (STRATCOM) who served with me in 1964. I believe he still lives in Wayzata, Minnesota. If anybody makes contact with him ask him to call me at 210-736-1996 or 210-831-4018 (San Antonio, Texas)
Dave Montcalm@ 3:04pm 03-29-2014
I worked in HF Transmitter site from about 12/69 to 8/70. Our class of 32C's arrived in Aug of 69 with orders for Phu Lam, but were all reassigned to Decca Navigation trng at Ton Son Nhut and then out to transmitter sites all over. I was at Tay Ninh for maybe 4 mo and then sent to Phu Lam where my original orders were for. Left VN in 8/70 and was sent back to Ft.Monmouth as an instructor for the rest of my time.
Anyone know of John Coleman, good friend at Phu Lam - from NJ I think.
Stephen D. Young@ 1:44am 03-15-2014
I ran the computer that kept the personel, and their history in Vietnam.
Bryan H Johnston@ 5:12pm 03-11-2014
I was at Phulam July 64-65 32G
Please add me to the personal list.
Thanks to all of the people that have put this Beautiful site together.

site together
hernandez, raymundo@ 12:07pm 03-11-2014
I arrived in country in Nov1963 when STARCOM was at MAAG HQ. I PCS in Jan1965 and was stationed at Ft Hood with the 2nd AD. I returned to VN in Sept1965 with the 54 Sig Bn. Please include me in your list, I am no longer missing.
Bob Hill@ 8:44pm 02-12-2014
I was at Phu Lam in 65-66
Jim Franz@ 11:51pm 02-09-2014
PHULAM SEPT. 1967 - AUG. 22, 1968
Michelle Molinaro @ 12:31pm 02-08-2014
I am so excited to find this site. After years of trying to figure out what my father had experienced in Vietnam. Being able to see these pieces of his history as a PhuLamer is so very satisfying.His name is John Molinaro. He was there as a spec-4 in 1967-1968. If someone could let me know how to go about having him added to the roster that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information!
Ted Quenga @ 10:20pm 12-21-2013
Correction please add me to the phulam rooster I did see my name
if possible. Thanks,
Ted Quenga@ 10:10pm 12-21-2013
Merry Christmas to all !! thank you for adding me onto the phulam rooster. Was stationed their in phu lam from 1969 to 1970 than
to Germany for a couple on months than ordered back to Vietnam
Quan tri 5th mechanized infantry division in 1971 to 1972 left just
before it was over run.
jim kilbride@ 7:08pm 12-15-2013

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