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Russell Swartz@ 9:22am 05-17-2016
I was in phu lam July of 66 till Jan of 67. Shipped to Camrahn bay till July of 67.Was with security at both sites
Sam Sedosky@ 1:01pm 05-10-2016
I served in Phu Lam fron November'66 to November'67. I am planning on attending the reunion in September 2016. If anyone remembers me, please contact me.

May God Bless
Walter Moore@ 3:35pm 05-07-2016
I was there during Tet 68
john dennis winters@ 9:21pm 05-04-2016
was in phu lam 66 67 june looking for sgt jet an any one who rember sgt mullen sgt sgt fitzgerald give me a call 732 441 7234 new jersey
jack Brum@ 1:12pm 04-12-2016
Thanks for your service to our country
Alan Fraser@ 2:43am 04-08-2016
Old age is hell . seems as if you have either CRS or Craft Howard
Howard Hickman@ 10:44pm 04-05-2016
Correction on the dates. The next Reunion is Sept 7 to 11, 2016. The dates didn't change. It's the brain cells in this PhuLamer's brain that was in error. Hope to see as many as can make it. We will have a good time.
Howard Hickman@ 11:07pm 02-06-2016
Phu Lam Reunion - Sept 11 - 16, 2016 Branson MO.
Thomas D Bartel@ 8:05pm 01-03-2016
My father Thomas J Bartel passed in October of 2011 at the age of 64 due to his deteriorated health caused by his exposure to agent Orange. I have been trying to understand his PTSD entire life andwish to know more about what he went thru there.
Robert Wayne Griffin@ 12:07am 12-14-2015
January to December 1970. 31L20 mos worked width Koreans on their Base close to Tan so nuet airport. Worked with Patrick Kearn and Donald Keen.
Don Alexander@ 11:56am 11-16-2015
worked Tech control from Oct. 1965 until Oct. 1966
Warren "Ed" Smith@ 8:49am 11-11-2015
Worked behind the Joint Overseas Switchboard...June '67-June '68
Michael Talbot@ 9:05am 10-14-2015
Philco Tech Rep, July 67 until March 68, Transferred to Vung Tau. Met my buddy from high school, Dennis Bradford (USA), walking from Van to gate one day. Had no idea he was there.
Lynn Foster@ 12:15pm 10-03-2015
Dan Preece@ 11:37pm 10-02-2015
Already a member. Long live the memory of our brothers.

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