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11:51pm 02-09-2014
Jim Franz
PHULAM SEPT. 1967 - AUG. 22, 1968
12:31pm 02-08-2014
Michelle Molinaro
I am so excited to find this site. After years of trying to figure out what my father had experienced in Vietnam. Being able to see these pieces of his history as a PhuLamer is so very satisfying.His name is John Molinaro. He was there as a spec-4 in 1967-1968. If someone could let me know how to go about having him added to the roster that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information!
10:20pm 12-21-2013
Ted Quenga
Correction please add me to the phulam rooster I did see my name
if possible. Thanks,
10:10pm 12-21-2013
Ted Quenga
Merry Christmas to all !! thank you for adding me onto the phulam rooster. Was stationed their in phu lam from 1969 to 1970 than
to Germany for a couple on months than ordered back to Vietnam
Quan tri 5th mechanized infantry division in 1971 to 1972 left just
before it was over run.
7:08pm 12-15-2013
jim kilbride
10:11am 12-14-2013
Ed Verock
I was CO of C company (autodin) 68-69 - Jim Weiss, my XO took over for me. WO Andy Baskin, Lt's Scherfen, Jones, ... remember faces not so good with names! LTC Eberle was relieved of command, LTC Reiley or O'reilly? from Cape Cod (accent!) took over. Eberle's XOMaj Herb was a "screamer", S3 was a good guy, Sgt Tenabe ran crypto great NCO.
12:41am 11-12-2013
Charlotte Morton
Here checking out my dads photo
9:05pm 11-10-2013
Joseph Reyes
Hi, I am the nephew of Vambi (The Uglies) and am very curious to see those photos in Vietnam. Thanks
12:52pm 10-28-2013
Neil Clark
USA retired\\ 362nd 2 trips 1 to quin hon and the 2nd all over
2:13pm 10-20-2013
Patrick J McLaughlin
I was at Nha Trang Sig Bn, May 67 to May 68.

I would like to communicate with anyone who was there.

2:42pm 10-17-2013
jose m. rodriguez
email shown above is my new email address, I no longer have
9:44am 09-05-2013
Cooper, David R.
Oct. 1965 thru Oct. 1966 Phu Lam STRATCOM. Noticed I was not listed on the July 1966 morning report. Made a lot of friends there in 13 months. Would like to know if my old friend SFC Benny Ortiz is still kicking.
2:37pm 08-28-2013
David Hinkley
July 1965 To July 1966
4:19am 07-24-2013
jack thein
Jack Thein aka Jack Kashey U.S. Army HF transmitter site @ Phu Lam from Aug - Nov 1963... Latter with Page Communications Engineers
TDY Aug 1968.
11:27am 07-09-2013
Dennis Jordan
69-70. Hi to all the guys who couldn't work their MOS and got stuck as SP'S. Get in touch when you can
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