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Joe Mingin@ 10:44am 05-26-2015
I didn't spend much time at Phu Lam as I was assigned to AUTOSEVOCOM Co. across town in April of '71. Later I got sent up north.
Oswald Baldwin@ 9:45pm 05-25-2015
Served at Phu Lam and worked in the ASC as a shift supervisor. Picture of me is on page 11, third picture from the bottom. New email address is listed above.
Christopher J Powell@ 2:22pm 05-07-2015
I was stationed at Phu Lam and worked in the ASC from December 1971 to June 1972. It was the 60th Signal Battalion then, commanded by LTC Otsuka. Our company commander was Cpt. Hinkley. I remember a few of the guys like Eddie Russell, Tim Thompson and Dave Huntley, but, sorry to say, I did not stay in touch with them. We all left in late June 1972, and were assigned to different stations in CONUS.
felice lostracco@ 5:42pm 04-15-2015
Served there in1963and 1964. Very glad to see this site still operating.
George Roskos@ 8:38pm 04-04-2015
Served in Phu Lam May 1967 to May 1968 Will there be a reunion in 2015
Joan Abstein Osborn@ 12:15am 02-28-2015
I think my brother was here during 1965 or 1966
His name was Jack Abstein.
George Myers@ 12:01pm 02-18-2015
Worked in the Traffic Service section in the Autodin building from Nov 69 to June 71.
Jim Finnegan@ 8:13pm 02-17-2015
I was at CMAC and used your facilities. Regards, Jim Finnegan
raymond r voisine@ 12:20pm 02-15-2015
how do you write a story as others have done ? 66/67
ray voisine@ 12:19pm 02-15-2015
how do you write a story while i was there 66/67
john Sivak@ 1:03am 01-01-2015
was tech support for communications ,great bunch of guys, JOHN SIVAK
MARTIN F MCDERMOTT I@ 9:50am 12-21-2014
Page Communications 1966 - 1969. Zone 3 Asst Project Manager. Page built Phulam for 1st Signal. Al woods Project Manager
Ron Bortle@ 6:56pm 11-22-2014
was at Phu Lam in 1971. 31s. Anyone seen Mark Galovich from Shaker Heights in Cleveland
Don Alexander@ 2:12pm 11-17-2014
I served @ phulam from oct 1965 thru oct 1966 in tech control room MOS 32D... can't remember many names.. some were sgt Cline, David Taylor from Indiana, sp5 Dunn?
Gregg Woodward@ 7:32pm 11-12-2014
I served in the LongLines South microwave station from Feb 1968 until late september 1969, spending 10 months Phu Lam, then working at headquarters detachment visiting sites for maintenance and upgrades at Dong Tam, MAC-V, Tan Son Nhut airbase. Worked closely with MSGT Don Kaeo, would be interested to know what happened to him.

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