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Charles M. Smith@ 9:53pm 08-20-2018
Served in the dining facility there
Charles Smith@ 4:41pm 07-27-2018
Worked in Dining Facility, SP5 69-70. Looking for anyone that served there around this time.
Bob Warne@ 12:46am 07-27-2018
Sp 4/5 RCG ICS Syscon Apr 70 - Mar 71
Roger W. Gay@ 10:08am 07-15-2018
Worked in the data relay 7/67-7/68. Just taking a trip down memory lane. Thanks for the site and God Bless America.
Jude Munson Young@ 12:27pm 05-30-2018
I came here looking for my father's name, SP7 Bobby (NMN) Munson. He served at the Phu Lam comm center from April or May 1968 - May 1969. I think he was the NCOIC, but I'm not sure about that. I haven't found him on any of the rosters or morning reports provided here. I didn't expect to find anything about Phu Lam when I began my search. I hope all who served there made it safely home.
Phu Lam Photos@ 11:35am 04-30-2018
The entire 9000+ Phu Lam photo collection is now available on line at (copy and paste the address in your browser)

If you have any photos to contribute please get them scanned and submitted.

If you have not been previously notified of the site via email, then either you have never joined the Phu Lam Yahoo group or your email address is no longer valid. The link to join is right below the Guestbook link on the main page.
Robert Riemath@ 1:52pm 04-20-2018
At Phu Lam from Nov 66 - Nov 68
rodriguezjoe@ 11:10pm 04-09-2018
Reunion info can be found at the 1st Sig Bde website date are 5-9 September in San Antonio tx
jose rodriguez@ 11:10am 03-14-2018
I received email about reunion in sept 201, in San Antonio, Texas.
Tried to sign up to go, but was not able too. can you send it to me again, thanks
Philip A. Long@ 8:21am 02-25-2018
I served at Phu Lahm Signal Support Agency in 1970. I was assigned as trick chief at the relay center. I sure would like to here from my old friends. Had a lot of hard work but good times also. See Ya.
Lageorge Wheeler, jr@ 1:41am 02-22-2018
Da Nang '68-'69, 1st Sig Bde, USASTRATCOM Facility Major Relay Station. We were half way between Monkey Mtm. and Marble Mtn.
joseph nemet jr@ 5:52am 02-21-2018
I would like to add two other sites Taiwan (Grass Mountain) and Thailand (Phu - Lam.)
Jack Thein@ 11:24pm 02-10-2018
8/63-1/64 Jack Thein aka Jack Kashey worked tech control & receiver site...
Guard duty while at transmitter site (PhuLam). Stay well Guys!
Joe Loehr@ 5:48pm 01-13-2018
Served at Phu Lam from 8/67 - 7/68. I can't believe it's been 50 years.
Edward John Verock@ 11:53am 12-27-2017
I have changed my email address from to I would like to have that change made to the PhuLam site. I am a former Company Commander of C Company (autodin) 1968-69

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