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11:21pm 09-18-2016
charles anderson
with LLS Tropo & Los 1967-68. fixed plant carriers were not mentioned in base duty roster. I billets in Cholon rather than at Phu Lam.
1:57pm 09-12-2016
Battalion Exec under LTC Riley and LTC Lewis. Currently Professor at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg VA teaching CCNA Certification, Cybersecurity, and Computer Forensics.
8:59am 07-19-2016
Roger Vanderpool
Served in Bn Supply 1971

currently in Council Bluffs Iowa
10:18am 06-21-2016
William T Bray
I was stationed there in 66-67,Crypto repairman & AMARS maint. Looking for Richard G Black.
6:33pm 06-15-2016
Michael Gibson
I was assigned to PhuLam 09 1967-08 1968 as a 31J20 Teletypewriter repairman.
7:25pm 05-24-2016
Ron Bortle
Was there from Jan.71 to Dec. 71
8:14pm 05-22-2016
James Evans
April 1967 to April 1968
9:22am 05-17-2016
Russell Swartz
I was in phu lam July of 66 till Jan of 67. Shipped to Camrahn bay till July of 67.Was with security at both sites
1:01pm 05-10-2016
Sam Sedosky
I served in Phu Lam fron November'66 to November'67. I am planning on attending the reunion in September 2016. If anyone remembers me, please contact me.

May God Bless
3:35pm 05-07-2016
Walter Moore
I was there during Tet 68
9:21pm 05-04-2016
john dennis winters
was in phu lam 66 67 june looking for sgt jet an any one who rember sgt mullen sgt sgt fitzgerald give me a call 732 441 7234 new jersey
1:12pm 04-12-2016
jack Brum
Thanks for your service to our country
2:43am 04-08-2016
Alan Fraser
Old age is hell . seems as if you have either CRS or Craft Howard
10:44pm 04-05-2016
Howard Hickman
Correction on the dates. The next Reunion is Sept 7 to 11, 2016. The dates didn't change. It's the brain cells in this PhuLamer's brain that was in error. Hope to see as many as can make it. We will have a good time.
11:07pm 02-06-2016
Howard Hickman
Phu Lam Reunion - Sept 11 - 16, 2016 Branson MO.
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