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Jordan Smail@ 9:49pm 10-08-2020
I am Loring "Windy" Winblads grandson. Any of you know him?
Don Severance@ 7:11am 09-15-2020
Worked in Data Relay and overseas switchboard 67/68
Norman T Miller@ 8:06pm 08-21-2020
I serviced at Phulam for only a couple of months last part of 64.
I was transferred to 39 th battalion supply room from the 232nd signal Co. I remember working 12 hour shifts at night and riding the school bus with the chicken wire over the windows
Bill Bahr@ 6:36pm 06-11-2020
Great site! If any of you knew Signal Corps' General Tom Rienzi, here's a link to stories and remembrances:

Angel@ 6:09pm 06-03-2020
Hi Guys, just testing the guestbook.
Howard Hickman@ 5:26pm 06-03-2020
Your memories and photos are always appreciated.
G Knuckey AKA Noddy@ 8:37pm 05-21-2020
Aussie army, spent 5 months at Long Binh RX Site '69-70.
Howard Hickman@ 11:15am 05-21-2020
Please make sure you leave an email address, so your PhuLam buddies can contact you.
Long live the memory of Phu Lam and those who served there.
Howard Hickman
Ralph Sidore@ 5:19pm 05-16-2020
One name I notice is missing is SP4 George Dunham. He was a supply clerk in Nov, 63, when I arrived, but had left (rotated, I assume) when I returned from emergency leave in mid-February. ‘64. He was still in the service in late ‘65, because I ran into him at the depot, where I then worked, in Khanh Hoi.
Ralph Sidore@ 5:14pm 05-16-2020
Bruce Campbell@ 8:57am 05-13-2020
I worked on Phu Lam July 67-68. Tet killed two guy's "Lacy & Behrens" I worked with. We were all going for a Jeep ride the night we were attacked. After I got my weapon and extra ammo, I loaded up in the Jeep to ride shotgun. They decided I should not go. We had a brief discussion, I stayed. I will never forget waving at them as they drove off down the dirt road seeing the tail lights dim. Never saw them again. Learning what had happened to them I was very humbled to be there. I found a picture of Lacy leaning up against a panel in our control room. Loved working there being able to call home. It is a true honor saying I served there with some good guys.
sp4 JOHN boyd,@ 10:15pm 04-14-2020
was bn legal clerk at 43rd sig bn/71st evac hospital 8-69 to 6-70. worked in s-1 admin but partied a lot. anyone remember?
joe nemet@ 4:53am 03-30-2020
when I was there it was starcom 6600 1963-1964
Leonard Wagner@ 12:24pm 01-28-2020
Overseas switchboard operator 8/70 to 8/71. Anyone else who was there at that same time i would love to hear from them. email:
Jack Latoza@ 1:05pm 12-24-2019
I was at The First Signal Brigade HQ when it was in Cholon near Tan Son Nhut January 2nd to December 20th 1967. Does anyone at Phu Lam remember a person by the name of Ed Sweeny. He was there about the same time I was at the HQ.

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