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James Barnes@ 5:31pm 05-06-2019
I arrived at Phu Lam 09/67. The army had misplaced my records, along with about 6 or 7 other guys. We were shipped out the the receiver station in Long Bien, came back just in time for the Tet Offensive. I remember the Cholon barracks, I had to serve guard duty there. Spent most of my time rolling teletype tape. Many Memories.
Jim Barnes
john f yoder@ 6:44am 04-16-2019
I was for most of my tour at LLD Tan Son Nhut, Phu Lam was our area command. I was stunned to see the name of a friend I had over there Scott Wimmer on your web page. I have lost touch with all my buddies from that year of my life. I was supposed to be the electronic repair parts specialist for the site, but area command took that over (Phu Lam) right after I got there. I then became the Company Clerk and a "jack of all trades" If any one sees this please contact me at - Thxs and welcome home
Bob Orwig@ 4:31pm 04-13-2019
I was with 1st Signal Brigade in Long Binh July '69 to September '70. I didn't have to rough like most of you guys did. Thanks to all for your service.
George Gary Teague@ 4:10am 04-07-2019
Philco-Ford ADMS engineer sent from Korat to Phu Lam to work 12 hour night shifts after Tet 1968. Spent only one month before being sent to Coltano Italy's new installation...
larry colvin@ 1:01am 04-05-2019
email is
larry colvin@ 1:00am 04-05-2019
I have a new email
Patricia Hall@ 12:00pm 03-14-2019
My dad was stationed in Phu Lam through the Army. In 1970-1971. His name is Rodger Elwayne Biggs. Would love to hear anything about him or see pictures.
James Meagher@ 7:55pm 02-18-2019
I was stationed as a Tech Controller at the Phulam Facility from December 1966 to December 1967. How do I get my name added to the Phulam roster. Jim Meagher 623 388-2827
Angel@ 4:03pm 02-15-2019
This is a test from your friendly heavenly Phulam angel. Just checking if my email shows.
Holly Fillian Scott@ 4:20pm 01-31-2019
Looking for anyone who was stationed with my father John L Fillian in the year 1966. I believe he was a MP. Any info would be helpful. My father has passed. Thank you for your service then and now.
Thank you
David Quinney@ 3:30pm 01-12-2019
Recently met Dave Nemeth who told me about this site. My SVC; Tonkin Gulf, 1968. DISC 1971. USAR 1977-2007. RET 1SGT Signal.
gary a kalbfleisch@ 4:46am 01-06-2019
I was there in 1966, but worked at the satcom station at the airbase. I
have written a large book about my tour at Phu Lam, etc. I received
commendation for it at the Vet's History Project in the Library of Congress.
My mother disinherited me because I went to Vietnam. My brother has a large home because she gave it all to him. He didn't serve. The cong
attacked the airbase through and around our station. I maintained the
tracking receivers at the satcom station, which was the older Bendix station. The sgt. said "At no tme should both receivers not work."
Howard Hickman@ 2:23pm 01-05-2019
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Long Live the memory of Phu Lam and those who served there.
Howard Hickman
James Dauner@ 6:33pm 01-04-2019
I was there in 1970. Com center specialist but I worked in S-3 reporting circuit outages most of the time.
Ed Siler@ 12:53pm 01-01-2019
I was there in 1969 and served in the 194th Military Police Company.

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