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Jerry Smith@ 5:04pm 07-24-2021
Just leaving a note to correct my email address. It is Not

Served at Phulam from 7/69-12/70 as tech controller in autodin bldg. You Phulamers take care.
Felice Lostracco@ 3:36pm 07-17-2021
Great site, keep up the good work. Brings back fading memories
Floyd A Hatfield@ 4:30pm 05-31-2021
I would like to add my name to list of those who served
Darlene LaBelle@ 2:54am 04-12-2021
My Uncle survived but he left his life in Vietnam. I will never forget and pray you someday have peace from an endless day.
Dennis R Dias@ 2:49am 03-16-2021
Dennis passed away Aptil 4, 2019 from GBM4 brain tumor
SSG CLARENCE WILSON@ 2:57pm 02-26-2021
The system did not take my LAST name...
Small man 5'4" was SP5 must of my stay at Pkulam
My Closest friend at Plulam Richard Bruce accidentally shot himself during an Alert Call on 17 Mar 69. Nexxt best friend was Tyrone Oyadimara. Anyone with Tyrone Oyadimara contact please alert me. Thanks to all mt friends at Phulam.
SSG Clarence (FRED)@ 2:38pm 02-26-2021
Hello Everyone. Just checking in to say I am still alive. 1968-1960 Goffer / 6 months waiting on security clearance and finally was assigned to ROK HQ & Embassy last 6 moths in RVN.
PTSD/AGENT ORANGE/Agent Gray/Raw Sewage/ Multiple myeloma Bone marrow cancer. Quadruple bypass/. Still hanging in there. I pray all the Phulamers to live to a ripe age without such terrifying ailments as I have had. I blame it all on the conditions of PHULAM. God bless you all.
Merced J Buentello@ 6:40pm 02-08-2021
Hello there. I just sent a long message and got a return message that it has been marked as spam.
How can I get my message through?
Alias (Beaner)
Sheldon Daitch@ 8:11pm 01-22-2021
Visiting the site (again).

RCG 8/69 - 6/71

Ronald Wenger@ 10:17am 01-13-2021
I was with A Co 41st Signal BN at Pleiku, from Oct 65 to Nov 66, I helped do some of the planning with the set up of the Signal School in Saigon. Left before it was up and running. God Bless all of those who made it out alive, and God bless those who did not.
Bill Buchanan@ 5:25pm 01-12-2021
43 Sig Bn, QuiNhon
Robert F Tonkin@ 4:53pm 01-12-2021
Nha Trang Sig 68 Danang Sig 69 Macv CommCenter Saigon 70 Federal Electric Corp-ITT Tan San Nhut ICS 71-73
Lee Reddig@ 12:24pm 12-30-2020
Lee Reddig passed away on December 13, 2020 from complications of Covid-19 and Dementia
He served at Phu Lam from 1-71 to 12-71
BOZO@ 10:42pm 12-14-2020
BOZO The Clown from Idaho got down
Dennis Jordan@ 4:37pm 12-06-2020
Headquarters Company. SP

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