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John Gese@ 6:08am 09-15-2019
Haven't been to this web site in many years, its changed a good bit. AUTODIN 1971
GERALD L. HOEHN@ 5:06pm 06-15-2019
When I was stationed there it was called STRATCOM
GERALD HOEHN@ 5:04pm 06-15-2019
Sorry I meant, I arrived in late 1965.
GERALD L. HOEHN@ 5:00pm 06-15-2019
I didn’t realize when I left this facility in 1966 I would see what this facility would become, I thought it would be destroyed when the NORTH VIETNAM ARMY took over. I didn’t realize what a major comunaction facility it has become. When I got there in late 1968, came in through TAN SON NHUT, AIRPORT, STAYED there a couple weeks, because the PHU LAM site wasn’t finished. We Were billeted in SIAGON, AT DIFFERENT housing locations, we took cabs out to the facility, after our shift was over, a cab took us back to SIAGON. AFTER A COUPLE WEEKS THE BASE WAS READY TO HOUSE US PERMANENTLY. IT DIDN’T look like I see it now. Thanks for the update and remembence of that place.
Jerry Smith@ 11:26am 06-12-2019
I just stumbled on to this site yesterday and spent a few hours looking at the photographs. Brought back some good memories, with the exception of guard duty. I was stationed at Phu Lam from 7/69 - 12/70.
Silva, Juan R.@ 4:01pm 05-07-2019
Are you the same James Barnes that did sand bags at the Receiver Site with me.
Do you remember theses names:

Juan R. Silva
(67-68) Phu Lam Rec. Site

If you are the same James Barnes I would like to keep writing toYou. I have photos.
James Barnes@ 5:31pm 05-06-2019
I arrived at Phu Lam 09/67. The army had misplaced my records, along with about 6 or 7 other guys. We were shipped out the the receiver station in Long Bien, came back just in time for the Tet Offensive. I remember the Cholon barracks, I had to serve guard duty there. Spent most of my time rolling teletype tape. Many Memories.
Jim Barnes
john f yoder@ 6:44am 04-16-2019
I was for most of my tour at LLD Tan Son Nhut, Phu Lam was our area command. I was stunned to see the name of a friend I had over there Scott Wimmer on your web page. I have lost touch with all my buddies from that year of my life. I was supposed to be the electronic repair parts specialist for the site, but area command took that over (Phu Lam) right after I got there. I then became the Company Clerk and a "jack of all trades" If any one sees this please contact me at - Thxs and welcome home
Bob Orwig@ 4:31pm 04-13-2019
I was with 1st Signal Brigade in Long Binh July '69 to September '70. I didn't have to rough like most of you guys did. Thanks to all for your service.
George Gary Teague@ 4:10am 04-07-2019
Philco-Ford ADMS engineer sent from Korat to Phu Lam to work 12 hour night shifts after Tet 1968. Spent only one month before being sent to Coltano Italy's new installation...
larry colvin@ 1:01am 04-05-2019
email is
larry colvin@ 1:00am 04-05-2019
I have a new email
Patricia Hall@ 12:00pm 03-14-2019
My dad was stationed in Phu Lam through the Army. In 1970-1971. His name is Rodger Elwayne Biggs. Would love to hear anything about him or see pictures.
James Meagher@ 7:55pm 02-18-2019
I was stationed as a Tech Controller at the Phulam Facility from December 1966 to December 1967. How do I get my name added to the Phulam roster. Jim Meagher 623 388-2827
Angel@ 4:03pm 02-15-2019
This is a test from your friendly heavenly Phulam angel. Just checking if my email shows.

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