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8:05pm 01-03-2016
Thomas D Bartel
My father Thomas J Bartel passed in October of 2011 at the age of 64 due to his deteriorated health caused by his exposure to agent Orange. I have been trying to understand his PTSD entire life andwish to know more about what he went thru there.
12:07am 12-14-2015
Robert Wayne Griffin
January to December 1970. 31L20 mos worked width Koreans on their Base close to Tan so nuet airport. Worked with Patrick Kearn and Donald Keen.
11:56am 11-16-2015
Don Alexander
worked Tech control from Oct. 1965 until Oct. 1966
8:49am 11-11-2015
Warren "Ed" Smith
Worked behind the Joint Overseas Switchboard...June '67-June '68
9:05am 10-14-2015
Michael Talbot
Philco Tech Rep, July 67 until March 68, Transferred to Vung Tau. Met my buddy from high school, Dennis Bradford (USA), walking from Van to gate one day. Had no idea he was there.
12:15pm 10-03-2015
Lynn Foster
11:37pm 10-02-2015
Dan Preece
Already a member. Long live the memory of our brothers.
11:35am 09-07-2015
Dennis Jordan
served PhuLam 69-2/70. SP and MotorPool
12:26pm 08-21-2015
ron henry
served in phulam from july 67 to july 68.
1:13pm 07-31-2015
John Lambert
Served in Phu Lam August 70 to August 71 with AUTOSEVOCOM. Currently looking for old buddies i served with.
1:07pm 07-31-2015
John Lambert
Thanks for the web site. Brings back a lot of memories.
11:07am 07-30-2015
Steven Geslak
I was working in the Fixed Crypto vault 12/70--71.
The best group I ever worked with, I would like to be informed of any upcoming Phulam's events.
PS: I live in Willow Springs Illinois. not Indiana it would be great if someone could fix that.

God Bless America the Red White and Blue. and all the friends that did not make it back.
9:24am 07-09-2015
David Cooper
David Norton, was it SSG Jim Huckaby?
10:51pm 07-05-2015
David Norton
Jan 1970 to Mar or Apr 70. Guess I was an orderly. Ran errands for Detachment Commander in 3/4 ton until transferred to 2nd Field Forces. Don't remember any names. Rode with Sgt that was on fifth tour who was married to Vietnam National and had child and apartment on the strip. Said he was going to stay in Vietnam when tour was up? Any one remember?
10:45pm 06-28-2015
Gary E. Jordan
September 1970 thru October 1971. Worked Saigon overseas switchboard and was the base librarian for half my tour. Would like to connect with Bernard McNulty if you're still out there.
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