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11:05am 06-08-2017
John Eberle
I would like to update my contact information on the Phu Lam Roster: John Eberle, 230 East Simpson Street, Bedford, PA 15522, Phone: 814-623-5575.
10:09am 04-04-2017
joseph nemet jr
I was at mac v before going to tons nuit under starcom sta 6600 apo 143 sf calf 1962-1963 mos 32e rank sp4 I was working when john kennedy was shot
9:52pm 03-31-2017
Paul Stokes
Just remembering thanks
4:22pm 03-26-2017
David Norton
Just checking checking in to jog memories and see if I can find Buddies. I appreciate this site
8:28am 03-09-2017
George Kissell
My father was 1SG, (Charles C. Kissell) HHD during 68/69. He's passed but I am looking for anyone who knew him during this time.
11:25pm 02-17-2017
Elliott Harris
I was assigned TDY at Phu Lam from approx. 4 Apr. 1972 to 18 Jun 1972.
I worked in Traffic Services Section, Autodin Bldg.
10:04pm 02-04-2017
Alan Fraser
I also live in Sacramento (county) in Elk Grove
8:06pm 02-03-2017
David Albee
I enjoyed the memories this brought back. I am living in CA, Sacremento ares if anyone wishes to get in touch.
12:02am 02-03-2017
Daniel W. Brennaman
MD. resident Recently retired from US GOV. Ft. MEADE MD.
8:10am 01-19-2017
Leonard J Gustwiller
12:22pm 01-04-2017
david casteel
8-70 to 12-71 ADMS CO
5:35pm 10-05-2016
Howie Mays
At Phulam Sept. 70 -Sept 71 Autodin Tech. Cont. would like to contact Gary St. Pierre.
11:21pm 09-18-2016
charles anderson
with LLS Tropo & Los 1967-68. fixed plant carriers were not mentioned in base duty roster. I billets in Cholon rather than at Phu Lam.
1:57pm 09-12-2016
Battalion Exec under LTC Riley and LTC Lewis. Currently Professor at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg VA teaching CCNA Certification, Cybersecurity, and Computer Forensics.
8:59am 07-19-2016
Roger Vanderpool
Served in Bn Supply 1971

currently in Council Bluffs Iowa
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