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9:05pm 11-10-2013
Hi, I am the nephew of Vambi (The Uglies) and am very curious to see those photos in Vietnam. Thanks
12:52pm 10-28-2013
USA retired\\ 362nd 2 trips 1 to quin hon and the 2nd all over
2:13pm 10-20-2013
I was at Nha Trang Sig Bn, May 67 to May 68.

I would like to communicate with anyone who was there.

2:42pm 10-17-2013
email shown above is my new email address, I no longer have
9:44am 09-05-2013
Oct. 1965 thru Oct. 1966 Phu Lam STRATCOM. Noticed I was not listed on the July 1966 morning report. Made a lot of friends there in 13 months. Would like to know if my old friend SFC Benny Ortiz is still kicking.
2:37pm 08-28-2013
July 1965 To July 1966
4:19am 07-24-2013
Jack Thein aka Jack Kashey U.S. Army HF transmitter site @ Phu Lam from Aug - Nov 1963... Latter with Page Communications Engineers
TDY Aug 1968.
11:27am 07-09-2013
69-70. Hi to all the guys who couldn't work their MOS and got stuck as SP'S. Get in touch when you can
4:28am 07-05-2013
I guess there is no phulam reunion this year
12:45pm 07-03-2013
SP from 69-70.
3:40pm 07-01-2013
Seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Guess you never really leave. 1/69 - 1/70
8:10pm 06-19-2013
Hello, I'm new to this site and I'm looking for relatives of Spec. 6 Richard Lacey...I have his POW/MIA bracelet since the early 70's and would love to contact a family member to forward this bracelet to..thank you to anyone that can help
7:18pm 06-10-2013
Served in Phu Lam 3/68-5/69. In motor pool.
9:06am 05-27-2013
I haven't been here in a while. I was looking at the list of guys who have "gone home" since "coming home", and trying to find their pictures.
7:59pm 05-25-2013
served 1967 and 1968
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