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10:24am 10-14-2017
Michael S. Ramage
Just ran across this web site for the first time. First I must commend all who put it together, it is very well done. I served at Phu Lam in 1968 and 1969. I was a Phu Lam Fox under the leadership of CWO Robert Dahlgren. Mr. Dahlgren was a very interesting individual with a leadership style I still admire today. Other "Foxes" I remember are Percy James, Walter Disante, Terry Bullard, Mike Homa, P.J. Borter, Bill Hendrix and Don Fetter. I will be at the Veterans Day Parade in Branson, MO this year, so if any of y'all are around, please give me a call 785-452-0769.
4:57pm 09-30-2017
Frank O Smith
I was at Phu Lam 1964-1965. Just visited this website for the first time. My state of residence is now Delaware. If anyone wants to chat about old times, drop me an email. Where can I find names of all that were at Phu Lam during the period I was there?
12:55pm 09-26-2017
ron henry
logged on a few years ago but never gave my state of residence. live in massachusetts. was in phulam from july 67 to july 68. anybody wants to talk about old times at phu lam drop me an email and i will try to get back to you. god bless us veterans
2:08pm 09-25-2017
James C Johnston
P.S. Forgot my a contract phone number in my first message - 703 615-8624, Fairfax, VA
2:05pm 09-25-2017
James C Johnston
Ran across your website while looking for info about the 1st Signal Brigade. I was at Phu Lam in 1968. I arrived in-country on 26 Jan 68 and was in Cholon when Tet broke out. Was there until I could be picked up and brought down. I have photos taken at/in Phu Lam that I would like to submit, if you are interesting in having them. I was a Spec 5 assign to the AUTODIN Center.
2:21pm 09-18-2017
Jim Wade
Received a call yesterday from the Son of one of yours who was KIA at the MY CAHN.
I filled him in on some things.
9:26pm 08-21-2017
Lucia Pérez
Por favor llámenos al +34 902808862
9:35pm 08-12-2017
Cooper, Paul (Dick)
Please change my email from to on the roster.

I have retired from Gettysburg college and this is my new email.

thanks, dick.
11:05am 06-08-2017
John Eberle
I would like to update my contact information on the Phu Lam Roster: John Eberle, 230 East Simpson Street, Bedford, PA 15522, Phone: 814-623-5575.
10:09am 04-04-2017
joseph nemet jr
I was at mac v before going to tons nuit under starcom sta 6600 apo 143 sf calf 1962-1963 mos 32e rank sp4 I was working when john kennedy was shot
9:52pm 03-31-2017
Paul Stokes
Just remembering thanks
4:22pm 03-26-2017
David Norton
Just checking checking in to jog memories and see if I can find Buddies. I appreciate this site
8:28am 03-09-2017
George Kissell
My father was 1SG, (Charles C. Kissell) HHD during 68/69. He's passed but I am looking for anyone who knew him during this time.
11:25pm 02-17-2017
Elliott Harris
I was assigned TDY at Phu Lam from approx. 4 Apr. 1972 to 18 Jun 1972.
I worked in Traffic Services Section, Autodin Bldg.
10:04pm 02-04-2017
Alan Fraser
I also live in Sacramento (county) in Elk Grove
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