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10:41am 02-17-2013
"Frank" Piccione
I have visited the site many times. Just wanting to include my personal email address. Not sure I had before.
2:44pm 02-13-2013
Roger L. Cook
Served from Nov 67 to Jul 69 then went home to Michigan. Worked in the personnel office for Mr. Hadley then Mr. Kessinger. Just fouund this page while looking for CPT (P) Bobby W. Nordheim. (Found him).
3:34am 02-10-2013
Alan Fraser
What is happening with reunion .. is there one happening? just curious
1:03pm 02-04-2013
gary terry
I was assigned to Phu Lam from 1/71 to 4/71. transferred from Nha Trang.
I really enjoyed looking thru the roster. Found a few names I recognized.

Thanks for the site.
9:13pm 02-02-2013
Howard Hickman
If you were at Phu Lam, and we don't yet have your email address, be sure to leave your name and email address.
Long live the memory of Phu Lam and those who served there.
1:44pm 01-30-2013
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